Arik Kleinstein, Founder and Managing Partner

Arik Kleinstein

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

About Arik Kleinstein

For over 25 years Arik has been founding, growing and financing innovative technology companies. He co-founded Glilot Capital with the intention of bringing his vast experience gained from the early days of the Israeli startup industry to the investment decisions and ongoing support of the Glilot portfolio. As a board member, Arik supported the eighteen portfolio companies of Glilot which were acquired since the fund’s inception.

In 2021, the Israeli government’s Minister of Innovation appointed Arik to be one of 13 members of the National Research & Development Council serving as the strategic thinking arm of the government, recommending national policy on R&D issues in order to achieve national goals.

Arik currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Technion, the authority of the University. Arik is also a board member of the National Council for Civilian Research and Development and of the Technion Friends Society.

Arik took his first steps in the Venture Capital world during the 90’s when he worked at Jerusalem Global Ventures, one of first central investors in the Israeli VC industry. During the five years he spent there, Arik was at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry, where he gained firsthand experience in selecting and financing early stage startups. Arik has also worked for Bank Tefachot Provident Funds, an Israeli institutional investor, as an investments manager and assistant director.

Between 2002-2010 Arik lived in the US (New York and Washington, DC) where he served in financial and operational executive roles in three Israeli innovative technology companies with US Based HQ: ECtel (acquisition by Verint), VideoCodes (acquired by Thomson) and Intercure (IPO). As a financial leader, Arik dealt directly with the specific growth challenges of Israeli startups operating in the US and other global markets.

Arik served as an Officer and Engineer in an Elite IDF technology unit.
Arik holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance & Technology Management from Tel Aviv University’s Kellogg-Recanati School of Management.