Board of Advisors Engagement Principles

[Last Modified: January 1, 2023]

Glilot Capital Partners is consistently ranked as one of the top enterprise software and cybersecurity venture capital firms in the world and its companies are well-known for shaping the practices of these industries.

We are committed to conducting all of our business activities and relationships fairly, honestly with integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

The Glilot Board of Advisors consists of executives and experts such as CISOs, VP Engineers, CIOs, and CFOs, that want to impact the trajectory of the software and cyber industries, that want to be exposed to select technologies and entrepreneurs chosen from hundreds, and who value being part of a strong network of leaders from Fortune 500 and unicorn companies.

Glilot provides opportunities for Advisors to engage with Glilot and its portfolio companies in a variety of ways that may include:

  • Exposure to Glilot’s cutting edge portfolio companies in order to enrich the Advisor’s knowledge regarding future trends and assist the founders of those companies in defining the right solutions to meet market needs. This exposure may lead Glilot Advisors to become portfolio company advisors (for consideration such as equity) or to adopt those company’s solutions.
  • Access to a global network of executives and participation in closed-door networking events with other Advisors from Fortune 500 companies and unicorns.
  • Engaging in brainstorming sessions and discussions with other Advisors to deepen knowledge on relevant subject matter.
  • Exposure to career opportunities in companies that are part of Glilot Capital’s network.
  • Investment opportunities in Glilot’s portfolio companies

Any of the engagements mentioned above are entered at the sole and absolute discretion of the Advisor and the portfolio company. Glilot does not assume any responsibility with respect to such engagements.

  • In addition, in some instances, the Advisor might be offered investment opportunities to invest in Glilot’s funds under similar commercial terms as are generally offered to other limited partners of such funds. All such investments shall be in accordance with and subject to the subscription agreement and any and all other agreements and documents governing such investment.

One of Glilot’s goals is to enable Advisors to provide objective and unbiased advice and support to our portfolio companies. Participation in the Glilot Board of Advisors is completely voluntary and Glilot does not provide compensation of any kind for being part of the Glilot Board of Advisors. Glilot is highly mindful of Advisor’s time and does not require a minimum time commitment from its Advisors. Both the Advisor and Glilot may terminate the Advisor’s participation in the Glilot Board of Advisors for any reason and at any time.

Glilot recognizes that the Advisors have additional engagements and dealings. In most cases the Advisors hold full or part time positions in other organizations, and sometimes also sit on boards of directors of companies, serve as advisors or participate as members of other advisory boards. Each such organization with which the Advisors are engaged, regardless of the scope and nature of engagement, shall be referred to as an “Employing Organization”.

Because Glilot does its part to ensure objectivity, Advisors are requested to do the same. Advisors joining the Glilot Board of Advisors do so in their individual capacity and not as a representative or on behalf of their Employing Organization or any other third party. It is the responsibility of the advisor to ensure that they can participate in the Glilot Board of Advisors.

Also, different jurisdictions may impose different rules and regulations and certain Employing Organizations, specifically regulated Employing Organizations, may be subject to additional laws and regulations that may impose additional limitations and duties on the employees of such Employing Organizations.

The Advisors may but are not obligated to allow Glilot to publish the Advisors’ name, job title, picture, LinkedIn profile, and bios on Glilot’s website and on other platforms. Glilot will only use and publish pictures and bios as provided by the Advisors.

Glilot and its portfolio companies value the Advisor’s knowledge and insights but also recognize and respect that there are certain constraints on the information our experts can share. Advisors should not discuss or disclose any confidential information of third parties and should not use the intellectual property or any other assets of third parties without due permission and legal right.

The Board of Advisors Engagement Principles are intended to serve as a guideline to the Advisors participating in the Glilot Board of Advisors. These principles are not intended to cover all situations. In all situations, Advisors should always act lawfully and ethically. If Advisors are unsure of the proper course of action, they should notify Glilot, refrain from further conduct and consult with the relevant manager or department of their Employing Organizations.