Healthee: Unlocking Healthcare Benefits for US Employees and Employers

Glilot Capital | Healthee: Unlocking Healthcare Benefits for US Employees and Employers

Lior Litwak, Managing Partner, Glilot+Lior Litwak

March 4, 2024

“My health benefits are not complicated at all! I know exactly what I have and how to access everything” – said no employee, ever. That is, until we spoke with the many customers of Healthee (, who LOVE it. Peeling the onion, we gradually learned why Healthee succeeded where many other solutions for health navigation came short, suggesting an enormous market opportunity. Leading the company’s $32M Series A from Glilot+, the early-growth fund of Glilot Capital Partners, was therefore a no-brainer. Here’s what we learned, and why all employers out there should take a closer look.

A Broken and Expensive Healthcare System

When a company solves a problem you can personally relate to, it’s always a great start. I was living and working in the US a decade ago, and one of the most baffling and frustrating experiences I had was figuring out my employer’s healthcare benefits offering. I always knew the American healthcare system was deeply flawed, but it wasn’t until I had to select a program that fit my personal needs out of a dozen options, with little to no information and tens of thousands of dollars on the line (not to mention my family’s health), that I realized just how broken the system was. The employee’s best interests (medically and financially) were rarely the top priority for the payors.

A decade later, this problem continues to plague American employers, who are the primary financiers of healthcare coverage in the US. The complexity of navigating healthcare benefits has translated in recent years into exponentially ballooning financial burdens for both employees and employers alike, impacting individual well-being, company productivity, and overall healthcare spending in the US. Companies are increasingly recognizing the need for a different solution that is data-driven, user-friendly, personalized, and utilizes the latest innovations in Generative AI, thereby empowering individuals to fully enjoy their healthcare benefits.

One Employee Healthcare Platform to Rule Them All

With Healthee, we finally found a solution that makes a difference in this industry. The platform consolidates data from any thinkable source that can inform health decisions for an employee, including the widest array of US health coverage plans, real-time health network updates, cost information, doctor availability, employee preferences and much more. Healthee then uses this data in a highly-personalized manner to tailor for every employee the most cost-effective and useful health plan offered by their employer. Moreover, with features like customizable search options, smart doctor scheduling, and out-of-pocket spend monitoring, Healthee empowers employees with unprecedented control over maximizing benefits and minimizing costs throughout their annual plan. At the same time, employers can lower their overall health insurance costs, while boosting their workforce’s health and wellbeing. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

But Healthee isn’t just a fancy data consolidation platform. The solution also digitizes health concierge services by utilizing a GenAI-based chatbot, providing human-like personalized healthcare guidance at a fraction of the cost of comparable legacy services, which even today still rely on call-centers. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Healthee offers a robust platform for 3rd-party digital health offerings, such as telehealth, mental-health support, or lifestyle and wellbeing apps. By serving as employees’ gateway to all their healthcare needs, the Healthee platform eliminates the need for employers to purchase separate multiple solutions from niche providers, and ensures immediate and easy access for all employees to a broad array of services.

Why Glilot+? Why Now?

As is often the case, meeting the Healthee team, led by former Israeli Air Force fighter pilots Guy Benjamin and Ben Nagar, Healthcare expert Dr. Elad Ofir, and veteran R&D leader Ron Zionpour, was a revelation. This staller team’s impact on the broken health benefits system was evident through unprecedented user engagement metrics, unanimous support from employers enjoying the platform, and rapid commercial growth in 2023. The company’s success leading to this round culminated in a strategic partnership with HR solutions giant TriNet, which will deploy the Healthee solution across its entire customer base over the next 24 months, and is also investing in this round (

With a shared vision to leverage technology for benefiting organizations while creating societal good, Glilot believes that Healthee’s AI-powered revolution can bring about significant improvement to the challenged US Healthcare system. With proven product-market-fit and great partners, Healthee was an ideal investment for our early-growth fund Glilot+. We are thrilled to support Guy, Ben, Elad, Ron and the entire Healthee team on their mission, and to help accelerate the company’s impressive growth.

Lior Litwak, Managing Partner of Glilot+, Glilot Capital

Lior Litwak, Managing Partner, Glilot+

Written by

Lior Litwak

Managing Partner, Glilot+

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