Adrian Ludwig VC Trust Advisor

Adrian Ludwig

Chief Trust Officer, Atlassian

About Adrian Ludwig

Adrian is Atlassian’s CISO; supervising the enterprise’s corporate security- including all of its cloud platforms and their product development teams. He is an expert in software platform strategy, security architecture and processes, explaining technical products and services, incident response processes, and strategic communications.

However, Adrian’s leadership background began before joining the company. At Nest, he was the Director of Security and Privacy. At Google, he was the Director of Android Security. And before that, VP at Joyent- where he led worldwide GTM, implementing – PR, AR, SEO, SEM, social, customer reference + success, email nurturing, promotions, and field + sales enablement programs in less than 180 days. He also built their marketing team, and repositioned their entire product line within 120 days.

His career began at Adobe, where he was initially Manager of Product Security, until his last year where he served as Group Manager of Flash Platform and Product marketing. His two areas of expertise, marketing and security, make him a leading innovator in the field of cybersecurity. Ever since his first role as Technical Lead at the Department of Defence, Adrian has challenged the status quo, and left a singular mark of innovation at all the enterprises he joined.

Adrian received a B.A, in Mathematics from Williams College, and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Product management from UC Berkeley.