Amir Hermelin VC Product Advisor

Amir Hermelin

Chief Technology Officer, FICO

About Amir Hermelin

Amir Hermelin is a technology product executive and is currently the Chief Technology Officer at FICO. He leads engineering, product and design teams for FICO, building comprehensive AI/ML and analytics platform solutions that provide firms with deep, real-time, 360-degree insights into every customer touch, across all channels, for the full duration of the customer lifecycle.

Prior to joining FICO, Amir spent 3 years at SoFi leading their modern-day retail investing platform, utilizing innovative AI/ML, advanced cloud and large-scale data technologies. During his tenure, SoFi launched several consumer Fintech banking, investing and crypto products including first-to-market fractional share investing and zero-fee ETFs. Prior to joining SoFi, Amir spent nearly 7 years at Google where he was part of Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) founding product team, and led various large-scale product and business initiatives. During his tenure GCP grew from near 0 to over $6B in annual revenue. Amir was part of the cloud computing revolution that disrupted business verticals and completely shifted the IT landscape, the rise of containerization and Kubernetes, and the advances in applications utilizing data-at-scale and advanced ML. Amir’s platform products helped scale then-startups to become powerhouses, such as Spotify and Snap, as well as modernize and increase velocities of traditional incumbents, such as PayPal and The Home Depot. Prior to Google, Amir held various product and engineering leadership roles, focusing on building scalable platforms and fast-paced product dev teams.

Amir is a strong believer in culture being the key component of driving high-performing teams. He lives in California with his family (three boys, wife, and a labradoodle). When time permits he enjoys nature, mountain biking, Poker home games, and discussing investment strategies with friends and colleagues.

Amir holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Technion University.