Bhawna Singh

Bhawna Singh

SVP Engineering, Okta

About Bhawna Singh

Bhawna Singh is a senior technology executive with 20 years of experience in successfully building and leading talented teams of engineers to transform and scale technology for a global user base. Bhawna has led multiple tech transformations, scaled systems from 0 to 100 million monthly users, led global expansion of products, participated in multiple acquisitions, and spearheaded innovation to drive user growth and engagement, delivering multi million dollar revenue growth.

Currently as SVP of Engineering at Okta a worldwide leader in customer identity authentication & authorization space, Bhawna heads Auth0’s (acquired by Okta) globally located engineering team. Bhawna is responsible for the company’s high resiliency posture and frequently connects with their global customer base to build deep trust through the technology roadmap of building highly scalable and stable Auth0 products. Bhawna is also responsible for scanning the threat landscape for Auth0 and keeping the product secure