Carsten Sjoerup VC Information Advisor

Carsten Sjoerup

CTO & CPO, CentralNic

About Carsten Sjoerup

After having spent 10 years in the Hosting and online industry, Carsten is now the CIO of GoDaddy. Carsten is a pragmatic leader, with a healthy balance of business awareness and technology expertise. At GoDaddy, he holds authority in both Infrastructure and IT, where oversees the enterprise’s Global Operations Center and manages large globally distributed team engineers, and 24×7 operations services.

Carsten has experience in working with PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS, and carries with him 20 years of experience as a leading Technology Executive in Software Architecture & Engineering. His cloud products and platforms have been recognized by major industry leaders, earning awards such as the IBM CTO Innovation Award and the Best Cloud Solution Award from the German Fraunhofer Organization.

This technical versatility and adaptability makes Carsten one of the leading experts in working with geographically distributed engineering teams. He has managed on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore engineering units, even sometimes having to set them up from scratch.

Previously, he worked as Technology Advisor for several start-up companies where he successfully implemented strategies as interim CTO. Carsten has not only advised PE companies, but also been part of acquisitions on both sides of the table for many years which has given him a crucial status in decision making, technical due diligence, and planning.

Carsten holds a Bachelors in Digital Leadership & Transformation from the AVT business school.