Chad Kinzelberg VC Business Development Advisor

Chad Kinzelberg

Former SVP Business & Corporate Development at Palo Alto

About Chad Kinzelberg

Chad has consistently led world-class teams and delivered impressive results as both a senior executive in several top-tier cybersecurity and software companies and as a startup CEO. As a VC, he applied his diverse experience to help portfolio companies develop strategy and build “customer acquisition machines.”

Chad directed the business and corporate development efforts at Palo Alto Networks from pre-IPO to its status as the most valuable cybersecurity company in the world with an $18 billion market cap. He tripled the revenue growth rate of VeriSign’s flagship, multi-hundred million dollar cybersecurity business by introducing new products and driving several acquisitions. He was previously CEO of Santa Cruz Networks, an Internet video startup that was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “Twelve Coolest Companies.” Prior to his general management experience, Chad was CMO for two public software companies: Delrina (acquired by Symantec) and Caere (now called Nuance Communications, currently with a $5 billion market cap).

Chad’s sweet spot is driving growth by inspiring great teams, thinking strategically about inorganic expansion, and relentlessly seeking out ways to improve and expand the product portfolio.