Leon Gendler VC Advisor

Leon Gendler

Former SVP Engineering, Sisense

About Leon Gendler

Leon is the SVP Engineering at Sisense, managing the development of a highly scalable cloud-based enterprise BI Software, leading a team of 200 engineers across the globe. As part of his responsibilities, Leon leads the development and delivery of Sisense Analytics Platform that runs on multiple cloud providers, working with Cloud Data Warehouses, traditional DBs, and Cloud sources, and helps customers get fast actionable analytics from their data either for embedding BI in their products or for driving performance within their organizations. In addition, Leon oversees the Security and IT for Sisense both for the product and the organization.

In his previous role as VP of Interaction Management and Analytics, Leon led the R&D efforts of NICE Enterprise Recording and Application suites, developing distributed near real-time systems and text and voice analytics applications.

Leon holds an MSc. in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya