Min Zhu VC Advisor

Min Zhu

VP Engineering, Outreach

About Min Zhu

Min Zhu is currently the Vice President of Engineering at, the #1 Sales Engagement Platform in the US. He oversees the infrastructure and engineering systems, the development of the core data platform, reporting, and analytics experience that provides outcome-driven insights to customers, leading to measurable success and a flooring ecosystem that accelerates the Outreach strategic flywheel. Prior to Outreach, Min served as the Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft. In this role, he led the technological innovation in building the Universal Partner Center Ingestion Experience for the Cloud, Gaming and Office Marketplace, and the Big Data and ML-based risk analysis and catalog health system to maintain a clean and safe commerce ecosystem. Before Microsoft, Min led the fulfillment, ordering, payment, shipping, and notification services of the entire 3rd party selling platform at Amazon. Before that, he led the development at Zillow on its flagship products including Zillow For-sale Listing, Advice, and Mortgage Marketplace. He has 23 years of extensive experience in building large scale services and experience for consumers and enterprise customers. Min holds a Ph.D. In Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Computer Science from Washington State University.