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Neil Sherman

Venture Partner

About Neil Sherman

Neil Sherman has had a 30+ career in investment banking prior to taking this current role as a Venture Partner. He is based in the United States and will assist in various important functions for Glilot Capital as well as for our existing and new limited partners, and our portfolio companies.  Neil’s broad, diversified experience includes equity and debt capital raising, corporate advisory and M&A, alternative asset management (hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity & credit), sales & marketing management, new product development, and senior relationship management.

In addition to his extensive transactional experience (over 500 IPOs, Equity, Debt and Convertible Financings, and successful M&A transactions), Neil has been active in business strategy, investor relations, human capital & talent development, legal & compliance, and emerging issues in financial services such as ESG, convergence of asset management with other financial sectors, and fintech.

At Lehman Brothers, after five years as an associate general counsel with a specialization in equity, fixed income and commodities trading, Neil had senior roles in debt and equity capital markets and then ran the global sales and marketing group for the Prime Services department.  While at JP Morgan, Neil was a managing director in the investment bank, covering various asset management firms, and also ran the global sales team for Prime Services after the acquisition of Bear Stearns. Upon joining Credit Suisse in 2012, Neil was responsible for managing the relationships with many of the bank’s largest institutional asset management clients, including hedge funds, private equity and credit funds, and venture capital firms.

Prior to his career in investment banking, Neil was a practicing attorney in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

Neil has a BA from Johns Hopkins University and a JD with distinction from Emory University.