Nima Baiati VC Cyber Advisor

Nima Baiati

Executive Director & GM, Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions, Lenovo

About Nima Baiati

Nima Baiati is Global Director of the Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Lenovo for which he is responsible for the enterprise strategy, customer and market engagement and product-portfolio management including ThinkShield.  He is also responsible for Lenovo’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Prior to his work with Lenovo, Nima previously served as Symantec’s Head of Global Go-to-Market Strategy for their Enterprise Security efforts.  Additionally, he was also Senior Director of Product Management for Absolute Software where he successfully launched several new offerings into the security market.  Nima’s background also includes working in finance at Morgan Stanley.  Additionally, he has extensive experience working with the cyber venture capital and start-up ecosystems within Silicon Valley and Israel.

Nima earned his undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco and received his M.B.A. from the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University where he was a Fellow of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute.  He holds several cybersecurity certifications and has consulted private equity firms in the area of cybersecurity investment.