Omer Singer VC Cyber Advisor

Omer Singer

Head of Cyber Security Strategy, Snowflake

About Omer Singer

Omer Singer is Head of Cyber Security Strategy at Snowflake, the data platform that ranked No. 1 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list before going public in the largest ever software IPO. Omer led the creation of an innovative, data-driven security program before taking responsibility for Snowflake’s cybersecurity business and ecosystem. He also continues to play a role in Snowflake’s security program as it adopts greater accountability and automation.
Prior to Snowflake, Omer was Vice President of Security Operations at a global security services provider and served as an IDF intelligence officer.
Omer is an active member of the Information Security Leadership Foundation (ISLF) and has spoken at numerous Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) events on topics such as security metrics and cloud-native threat detection and response.