Peter Richards VC Technology Advisor

Peter Richards

CTO, Cloudreach

About Peter Richards

Peter Richards is the Global Chief Technology Officer at Cloudreach. His position covers roles such as Head of Cloud Operations, Product, Partnerships and Software His company is one of the leading Cloud Enablement groups: focused on targeting the adoption of public cloud intelligence for the enterprise.

Prior to this position, he was committed to the financial sector for over 25 years, and was the Investment Bank CTO of Bank of America. Earlier, Peter served as a managing officer for the architecture and engineering branches of J.P. Morgan. His role was decisive in determining the appropriate use of the distributed platform, which included all the application services for the business units of the firm. As well as also being the Chief Technology Officer at Bear Stearns, he built and ran the Core Infrastructure Group at Goldman Sachs. His responsibilities there ranged from serving as co-head of Enterprise Technology, to co-manager of the Equity Derivatives Development Group, to the manager of the Japanese Equity Warrant Development Group. Of his most instrumental roles came as the provider of common technology services across continents.

Before his success in the financial sector, Peter conducted Software and Military research for the Oil Industry. He also made his mark in technology consulting.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of Bristol.