William Flood VC Technology Advisor

William Flood

Former VP Engineering, Technology and Growth, Moog Aircraft Group

About William Flood

William Flood joined Moog in 2015, and is now the group’s Vice President of Engineering, Advanced Technology, and New Business Ventures. His role is uniquely representative of all engineering technical functions and disciplines; which range from product ideation, all the way through production support. Some of his initiatives include the implementation of medium to low Technology Readiness Level products (TRL), and leading the field of New Business Ventures. With over 20 years of experience and technical background in dynamical control of complex systems, William has become a leader in the field of both engineering and business.

Before coming to Moog, William held several posts at Goodrich Aerospace (acquired by UTC in 2012) in both Engineering and at Leadership level.  Through this, he helped lead the charge at Goodrich for the adoption and development of Model Based System Engineering processes.

Prior to Goodrich, William also worked for BAE Systems, Lockheed, Bell Textron and Boeing.  Throughout his career, he has lead teams in business development, engineering, bid and proposal, supplier development, manufacturing operations, general management, and security.

​William holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Michigan Technological University and a Masters in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia. Finally, he is also a Certified Lean Leader, as well as a certified ACE practitioner with Goodrich and UTC.